You've Never Seen a Laptop Like This.

It's ultra compact. 

539g, lighter than 1/2 of a macbook air.
7 inches, easily fit into any bag or even your pocket.
So just carry it anywhere you go.

product image
product image

It's extremely versatile. 

It can rotate 360°.
Laptop mode for daily work.
Tent mode for watching Netflix.
Tablet mode for reading Ebook.

It's always connected.  

It can keep you connected with 4G module even when you're in a place where there's no wifi.

It‘s Peakago
Productivity & Entaiment On The Go

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Introduce Peakago, 7" Laptop windows 10

  • work, steam and game on-the-go
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Extremely versatile
  • stay connected anywhere anytime

PEAKAGO has launched on Indiegogo

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Bringing the bulky laptop is just so exhausting, what's more, finding a spot to charge your laptop is even more frustrating. At the same time, your cellphone might not be the best device to smash that last-minute job that just popped up. We feel your pain, that's why we set out to create Peakago, your perfect work companion on-the-go. Its compact size allows you to bring it with you without breaking a sweat and at the same time get those assignments done easily!

what makes Peakago different?

Why do we make PEAKAGO ?

Peakago was established by a group of computer and electronics experts who set out to find a solution to the hassles people find when working remotely. Smartphones are not efficient enough and laptops are just too bulky to bring around, that’s where we come in and fill the market gap. We understand that you are giving up on working out-and-about altogether, but Peakago changes all that.

product image
product image

How can we make it affordable?

We are a factory focusing on lablet/notebook production for more than 10 years, with rich experiences from different OEM and ODM projects for Intel, Microsoft, LG, and many other major brands.
Now we want to establish our own brand, offering good performance devices with reasonable price.

How can we assure the quality and delivery?

We are an experienced factory with automatic production lines, dusk-free workshops and adequate warehouses. Every product will have to pass multiple laboratory tests before it leaves the factory.
We have finished our pilot production, and sent PEAKAGO for media reviews. So stay tuned and we'll keep you updated.

product image



Hi PEAKAGO community members,

Before we launch the PEAKAGO campaign, we did a lot of testing of our prototypes, and then we fabricated 200 PEAKAGO prototypes and sent them to many highly professional tech reviewers. Most reviewers think it is super cool, truly convenient and lightweight.Meanwhile, they also gave us valuable suggestions on the prototypes and specs we need to improve in the final product.

First of all, thanks to all the reviewers for their honest opinions and feedback on PEAKAGO. We really really appreciate it. We gathered these reviewers testing feedback and we are making an improved version. The FINAL PRODUCT will be different from the prototype and all the technical issues in the prototype will be solved.

Secondly, we decide to postpone the PEAKAGO launch date to November 13th. Because we want to bring the perfect product to our customers. Based on our 10-year production experience, we are confident in the updated version.

Finally, all Indiegogo backers will get a 1-year warranty and lifetime support. Customer Happiness Guaranteed!

We want to say THANK YOU to all the reviewers and people who pay close attention to PEAKAGO. Without you, we could never make PEAKAGO alive. To express our gratitude, we'd like to give you back with an unbelievably low price and amazing deals in the following emails. Stay tuned!


PEAKAGO has launched on Indiegogo

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