About Us

We are specializing in the production of computer accessories and have engaged in the electronics field for decades. As an OEM/ODM factory, we mainly handle OEM processing for some electronic brands. Our R&D engineers realized there is a demand for mini-notebook in the market, a small notebook for people on the go. We’ve decided to fill the market gap and have already created the products, however, due to logistics problems, our contract manufacture called off the collaboration.

We’ve developed the mold and even produced the initial batch, though we are not satisfied with the results. We know the clock is ticking, but we can’t stop asking ourselves, ‘are we giving up this idea without looking for improvement’? Having the opportunity to launch our product through crowdfunding means so much to us, even that our contract manufacturer is unwilling to give a second try, we’ve decided to hire professionals for logo and packaging design this time.  With our own supply chain, R&D engineers, we are confident that we are able to control the quality from sourcing to the last process. 

This product is based on the first generation, an upgrade version for our first small notebook. We’ve invested resources in R&D, and we are bringing in a notebook with IPS screen that supports touch control. This product is ideal for watching movies, gaming, or reading e-books as a Kindle. The Windows system allows you to use it for work while you are on-the-go.

One of the reasons we chose Indiegogo, as we want to build our brand identity, and reach out to a bigger community for valuable feedback.  

We are committed to improving and being a leader in the field of mini-notebook, Peakago, a peak computer. And Peakago is a product of Jidea.co